Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hello Everybody, 

Sometimes it´s nice to start in English for a change.

This week.... I honestly don´t know what to write. We really didn´t have a whole lot of success this week. 

And K, yeah.... we had to drop her. We weren´t able to have a lesson with her after Sunday. We would set up appointments with her and either she wasn´t at her house or she would cancel them on us. 

It´s really discouraging. Because in this transfer and a half I´ve been here, I haven´t had a progressing investigator. So I think for now I´m gonna wait until I think somethings actually working out. I have a good feeling about one unidad we´ve started teaching, and if things progress like I feel it will, I´ll give more details. She made us pancakes last night, though. She has 3 daughters, ages 8, 3, and 1. The way you greet and goodbye everyone here is the kiss on the cheek thing. Well ... since we´re missionaries just with the hermanas here. So last night when I was goodbying the Mom and her 8 year old, the 3 year old was waiting for her goodbye with her kissylips. It was so funny and cute. 

Sometimes I feel like I need to be inspiring when I write as I know this goes public. But truly, I´m not sure if there´s something inspire worthy for this week. I have to remember that people have their agency and to respect that when I just want to say ¨Hey! This´ll change your life!¨  

Well, we had some good visits with less actives and recent converts this week.

I´ve been trying to contact, and say things that I hear in contacts. Hna Garcia says it´s best when you contact with your own personality. Well...I try. But it´s a lot harder when I don´t know the language as well as English.

I think I´ve been dreaming in Spanish. I can´t remember the words, but I think it´s Spanish because I´m with people that can only speak Spanish.

So sorry this week for the lack of inspiring things. But here are some interesting things that happened.

I saw a Canadian flag this week!!!! We were on the way to a meal in another part of town. This family moved houses so we were looking for the street where they moved to while on thus bus. Well we missed it, and we were on our way out of the city. But we got off in time not to get too far. And on the road to the house, there was this motel that said Motel Las Vegas and had Canadian flags. Makes no sense to me. Motel Dubai has American flags. But sense or not, I was so happy to see something of home.

We were trying to find a house for comida the other day and asked this man for some help (in the end he wasn´t good help because he pointed us another direction ... and I knew it wasn´t right). And while we had the oppurtinity we contacted him with a pamphlet. So you know... we shake hands to say goodbye. What is that word that I´m looking for...someone please tell me. And he has his other hand out like he´s gonna give a hug. We can´t hug men as missionaries. So it was kinda awkward for a second and then we started laughing. So he knew only to shake Hna. Garcia´s hand.

We were walking down the street and there´s this 50 year old riding his bike the other way and he shouts out ¨¡Hola Mi Amor!¨  
Me ¨Que Paso?´´ after he rides away.

From a week or two ago, we made friends with some neighbors of Hna Gudelia who sell pork. They gave us a taco the other day. Yesterday we were Portrerillo which is one of our areas ... which is so hard to say and Hna Garcia laughs every time I try to. We were there Saturday as well and there´s this other carnaceria, and we stopped and talked about with the man who was frying up the pig for carnitas. Yesterday we talked with them a little bit and they gave us carne for carnitas and tortillas. We had no idea what to do with the carne ... we weren´t so sure about it so we threw it away. We still have the tortillas though. They need salt.

I´m really hoping I can send something better next week. 

Take Care Everyone! 


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