Friday, January 24, 2014

Taught By The Holy Ghost

I apologize for my lack of posts as of late. I will try to keep up.

Last week, another semester of institute started. I decided that I might as well go to some classes because I am sure they can benefit me on my mission. One of the classes I am taking is Book of Mormon Part 2, taught by Brother Eaton.

It was a great first lesson, and I wrote a few things down in my book that I learned. I participated in discussions quite a few times and loved hearing so many of the different insights that people had to say.

Nearing the end of the class, Brother Eaton asked to think of what we learned and what we were taught by the Holy Ghost. For everyone in the room, the instruction was the same. We all heard the same words. When people shared their answers of what they were taught, there were quite a variety of answers.

Though I know already, it really emphasized how the Lord knows each of our needs and the things we need to learn to help become better people. Since that lesson, I really try to act upon what I was taught that day. I definitely know it will help me on my mission. To forget about myself and go to work.

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