Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Ducks are named Lehi and Sariah.

Hola mi familia y mi amigos!

It seems crazy that I've only been here for two weeks. It seems like a lot longer. After gym, we saw the bus coming in with the new missionaries. Throughout the day I kept my eyes peeled for Hermana Bullock. I saw her at dinner in the cafeteria. I came over, gave her a hug and a welcome to the MTC (or CCM, as it is said in Spanish). She seemed to be doing well. I look forward to seeing her the next 4 weeks around the campus.

On P-Day we went to temple, and it was great. I felt like a little kid at Christmas as the Provo temple is so much bigger than the Edmonton temple, and so pretty.

There's this place outside of campus where we're allowed to go on P-Days. It has a few food places. We went there for dinner, and went to this burger place which was yummy. We also went to this ice cream place called Sub-Zero. They make it in front of you, with liquid nitrogen. It's simply milk, your flavour, and topping. Mine was peanut butter and peanut butter cups.

When P-Day was over, we met a new teacher. Hna. Young. We love her! She served her mission in Chile. We also have another new teacher. Hno. Stewart, who served his mission in Paraguay.

We had a birthday! Hna. DeFriez turned 20 on Saturday. Her sister and her brother in law sent a cake that they made. Hna. Fletcher's parents also sent her a birthday present! It was a lovely day! The day before we had a card passed around the zone to wish her a happy birthday.

On Sunday, I got a new assignment. I'm the Music Coordinator. Basically, I pick the hymns that we sing for our branch. Which is now tiny. We went from 4 districts in it, and now there's only one besides our own. A district of Elders.

On our Sunday walk, our Elder friends from another zone couldn't find their district. So we took a volleyball picture together. They share our gym time.

We went to Choir practice on Sunday. And I was chosen to say the closing prayer. It was on our campus, so just the Spanish missionaries. That prayer, I wasn't entirely sure what to say. It was really short and I felt really short of myself because it was so short. But this Hermana behind me, she asked how long I've been here, and said that it was a great prayer. As a native Spanish speaker, she still stumbled across the words and was impressed by me. Heavenly Father knows us! He knows I needed that.

On Monday, we went to TRC, I don't really know what that means. But basically you talk to members of the church in Spanish. There was this one lady, Hna. Applegate, and she was so sweet. She's this grandma, and when we were done speaking with her, she gave us all a great grandma hug. I hope to see her again.

Our lessons we teach are not real investigators. They're roleplays. But they're great! We always evaluate ourselves after and see what we need to work on. I think that for whatever we have in life, we should always have something we want to work on. We are imperfect people, trying to become better. We have two investagators now, and we're picking another one up tomorrow.

I'm learning so much! I know I'm supposed to be here!

The ducks are named Lehi and Sariah.    


Hermana Jones

*Disclaimer* We have no idea what the ducks are.  Anybody?

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