Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's Raining!


It's raining right now.  Last night it snowed a little bit. So from yesterday afternoon to evening to now, rain - snow - rain, little layer of snow.  1 mm or something is my guess. We were in the middle of our companion study last night when we saw the snow.  We went outside as a district and enjoyed it for a minute or two.

Speaking of districts, after this Monday, we are going be the only district in our zone. The last district before us is leaving. We really hope we get a new district on Wednesday. The district leaving is all Elders. Unfortunatley, one of the Elders needs to go back home because his knee is messed up. Our Elder friends from the other zone are leaving Monday as well, the ones we play volleyball and other sports with during gym.

Speaking of sports.... the other day, Hna. DeFriez, and another Hermana were playing speed (a basketball game) with a couple Elders. All good and fun. The last minute of gym, one of the Elders threw a basketball and it hit the side of my face. Not a huge impact. But huge enough to break off the arm of my glasses, and as a result, I now have a war wound on my face. The Elder felt really bad. So...I'm sending my broken glasses home. Good thing I have another pair. I don't think I'll be wearing glasses during gym again.

We have another investigator! We have her during TRC time, everyday after our first block of classes. Some investigators they bring are real, but they never tell us. If she isn't a real one, she is very convincing.

Because there are more teachers than districts right now, ours is getting plenty of help from some of the teachers. One of them is Hna. Osborne. She served her mission is San Francisco. She also studied abroad in Honduras for 4 years. The other day she told me she wanted to help me during Language study.  She told me I have a good vocabulary, I understand how to use the grammar, and she wanted to help me with my pronounciation, which is something I struggle with.  She helped me to understand where you stress the words and how to pronounce the r's and z's, which are a bit different than English. It helped SO MUCH!!! We read scriptures out loud in Spanish. I came back and my companions were like "whoah... you speak so much better now." I'm glad I had that. They want extra help with Hna. Osborne now.

I'm not sure if I've clarified about the West Campus, so I'll do that. We are not part the of main MTC. We're actually a five minute drive away.  When we need to get there, or go to the temple, we take a bus. It's a BYU bus. Last P-Day, the bus driver was telling us he served an ASL mission in Los Angeles... I think. Our residences are apartments, which I stay in with my companions. Hna. Fletcher sleeps partially in the hall on the couch cushions since her room only has her as her companion never showed up. We walk outside a lot.  I love it.

Last week, Hna. DeFriez was saying that when she was younger, her dad would recite 2 Nephi 2:25. I told her that it was the same in my household. It's funny... our similarities. She's also terrified of bugs and she loves Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  Hna. Orr also loves photography, baking, and reading.  Hna. Furner, like me, doesn't know her plan after her mission.  Hna. Fletcher also has polka-dot rain boots, and loves Frozen. She's seen it 6 times in theatre.

As  a district, we love to sing, disney songs included. The other day in our apartment, I started singing the first song in Beauty & The Beast, and Hna. Fletcher and DeFriez joined in at the right moment. We try to revert ourselves back to hymns.

For one of our TRC's, we got to see Hna, Applegate again. She forgot who we were. A funny thing she said is when she prayed, she asked forgiveness for her fish, instead of sins. Fish = pescado. Sin = pecado.

Oh.. I'm the senior companion now.  Hna. Fletcher is the Sister Training Leader.  On Sunday I go to extra meetings. I go to branch council in the morning, and in the afternoon I went to a training meeting . I also conduct the music in our branch. The 3/4 messes me up a little, you'd think it'd be the easiest...

Okay...funny story. Last Thursday when P-Day was over, Hno. Stewart was teaching us. Near the end he said to us "Les Quiero". We were trying to figure out what that meant and Hna. Orr was translasting .... "he wants us".  After 10 seconds of silence,  we all burst out laughing. It actually means I love you, in a platonic kind of way. Yesterday before dinner she was saying "Yo Tengo hombre."  a man instead of the word for hunger. Hno. Stewart said "Yo no tengo mujer" (a women). We all mess up time to time.  With that we laugh at ourselves. Like...with Hna. Applegate and we were talking about the Atonement, I shared John 3:13, but I was trying to share John 3:16. Spanish of course, I don't have everything down yet.

I'm sorry this letter was a little all over the place. Before I had time to write points of what I would plan to write, but that got taken away by us having to take mirror selfies.
I'm learning so much! I love the scriptures! The Gospel is true!

Hermana Jones

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